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          Lapar Successfully Applying to Yancheng Chemical Factory

          Our client, Jiangsu Yancheng Chemical Co., Ltd ,is engaged in production and operation of imidazole and fine chemical products with independent legal qualification and export management rights. The company with advanced technology has comprehend i...

          Lapar Successfully Applying to Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co.,

          Our client, Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co., Ltd ,is located in Economic and Technological Development Zone of Beijing,founded in 1999.Johnson (China) Investment Co., Ltd. completed the acquisition of Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co., Ltd. on July 30, 2008. ...

          Lapar Successfully Applying to Nongfu Spring(Jiande) Xin'anj

          Our client, Nongfu Spring(Jiande) Xin'anjiang Beverage Co., Ltd, is located in Jiande, which started its development in 2009 with a totall of 200 million yuan for investment capital and an area of 60 thousand square meters.Besides the environment is ...

          Lapar Successfully Applying to Nantong Jinling Shipyard

          CSC Heavy Industry Jinling Shipyard is the largest backbone enterprise for shipbuilding under CSC,founded in 1952.It is considered as a high-tech enterprise and a bonded factory.In January ,2013,Blue Star Shipping Company signed a Memorandum of Un...

          Lapar Successfully Applying to Fenghua Copper Co., Ltd

          Fenghua Copper Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Singapore joint venture,which specially produces the kitchen faucet and hardware accessories series.It is an international quality system certification enterprise and there are 12 series and more than 140 varieties...

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