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          NEWS / NEWS

          Mogan Mountain Travel 2016

          Lapar organized a two-day travel program at Mogan Mountain in Dengqing from October 29 to 30, in order to enrich employees’ cultural life, appreciate their hard work,and improve corporate welfare.The main activities are Mogan Mountain and the Xiaz...

          Butterfly Valves Ordered by JDW Sugar Mills

          JDW Sugar Mills is a Pakistani company which is engaged in crystal sugar, electricity and management of corporate farms. JDW Sugar Mills ordered a number of pneumatic double eccentric butterfly valves of different pressure and caliber in June 201...

          Valves Ordered by Henan Xintian 2016

          Henan Xintian Technology Co. Ltd is the earliest high-tech enterprise applying non-contact IC card technology to intelligent civilian measuring instruments. The company was founded in 2000. Intelligent water meters, heat meters, gas meters, and ...

          Perfect Exhibition in June

          LAPAR participated in the pump and valve exhibition on 15th - 17th in June,2016 at Shanghai National Convention and joined the Exhibition Center and starch sugar exhibition on 21th-23th at Shanghai New International Expo Center .The exhibition ...

          Inspection and Guidance of Deputy Director

          Chen Yujian, deputy director of Standing Committee of Songjiang District in Shanghai ,took the rain to inspect Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co., Ltd.And he is accompanied by other leaders on the afternoon of April 20, 2016. After knowing that the a...

          The First Games 2016

          In order to enrich amateur cultural life, improve staff’s health ,enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and inspire the enthusiasm of the staff, Shanghai Lapar held the new-year first games on February 27, 2016. The programs involved women’s ...


          Lapar organized a two-day travel program at Jiuzhaigou Valley of Zhejiang from September 3 to 4, in order to enrich employees’cultural life, appreciate their hard work,and improve corporate welfare.The main programs are Siming Mountain rafting a...

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