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          Water Treatment Industry

            Water is the source of life.We are engaged in the management of water to save water.
            Our valves are widely used in environmental water treatment industries and now there are more than 200 environmental companies as our clients. Sales of Environmental industry accounts for more than 20% which is the largest share of our turnover.Our valves in environmental industry mainly include butterfly valves,ball valves,control valves,sanitary valves,etc. Besides we also develope environmental butterfly valves (LPB11) with long life,high performance,short lead time and low price which have obtained many national patents.
            Welcome to  visit Lapar and know more about our performance lists of environmental industry.Please try our products and we will serve you with our best quality !

          Research and Development Center in China Shanghai Lapar Control Valve Co.,Ltd
          Manufacturing Center in China (LAPAR Control Valve (Jiangsu) CO.,Ltd (WFOE)
          Tel:021-64423400  54823610  64966087  64961744  Fax: 021-64961482
          Shanghai ICP Licensing No. 08010624